The original title for this post was, 'Buffalo African-American Woman Dies from COVID-19, but I changed it after reading the words of Louvienia "Lou Lou" Henderson's friend of 20 years, Melodie Baker, who happens to be the Director of Education for the United Way of Buffalo & Erie County, as reported by the Buffalo News.  This is what "Lou Lou's" friend Melodie said:

"One of the things I've been saying in my posts is to say her name."

Upon reading Melodie Baker's description of who "Lou Lou" was, that, to me, became larger than the fact that she is the 6th person in Erie County who has died from COVID-19, the coronavirus, according to the Buffalo News.  Louvienia "Lou Lou" Henderson was 43 years old, according to the news article.

I didn't know 'Lou Lou' personally but have seen her when I DJ at either Club 77, Kern's Bowling Center, or The Rose.  Melodie Baker requesting that people say Louvienia "Lou Lou" Henderson's name, it will be synonymous with 'Hero'.

Louvienia "Lou Lou" Henderson is a Hero from Buffalo, NY, and should be remembered as such, because she did nothing wrong to deserve this 'type of fate'.  There are many diseases that are self-generated in some respects, based on lifestyle, however, COVID-19 is not that disease.  This virus does not discriminate and, unlike a virus like HIV, and because of this 6-foot rule, it 'sounds like' you can get it by simply walking by someone who is less than six feet away from you.   

Louvienia "Lou Lou" Henderson is not only someone many people know, but she is also someone people know as having been healthy, fun-loving and hilarious ... just a good person all around and a loving friend who's life served as exemplary for many as well as one sacrificed such that African-American people in Buffalo, NY at least will truly understand that COVID-19 is a disease that Black people CAN is not a is not some conspiracy to do whatever you come up with ... it's a real virus that exists on its own without needing help from anyone or anything human.  This is REAL...and Louvienia "Lou Lou" Henderson, by name, proves it.  This will be a part of her Legacy in Buffalo, NY, so let it mean something to you and pass the word along that COVID-19 is real, because Louvienia "Lou Lou" Henderson was innocently taken away from us with it at the age of 43.

 Remember the words of 'Lou Lou's' friend of 20 years, Melodie Baker of Clarence, who was quoted in the Buffalo News as saying,

"She was so young and healthy. I can't believe that she died. It's unimaginable."

Everyone at WBLK sends our condolences to Louvienia's husband, children, family, and friends.

A Go Fund Me Page has been created to help the family upon the sudden loss of Lou Henderson ... Click the link below to participate.

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