If you have ever set something down, only for it to be either not in the same spot you placed it — or for that object to be in significantly lower quality than it was originally, you might be able to share the same frustrations of one Tonawanda resident.

Dave Putz woke up to a surprise a few days ago when his car was no longer in mint condition, but rather had a hole in the back rear of the driver's side. 

Exclusive Photos of Damage Left After Tonawanda Hit and Run

Take a look at some of the photos from the hit and run that destroyed Dave's car.

Dave is currently looking for the culprit, and in his Facebook post detailing the incident, Dave urges people to be on the lookout for “a Jeep or truck with passenger/front damage in the Town of Tonawanda.”


In case you were wondering what street the hit and run occurred, it was Lamson Road.


One person on Facebook by the name of Donald thinks that it may have been a drunk driver who hit Dave’s car, and he told Dave to give his insurance a call.


Dave told everyone on his Facebook post that the police and insurance were called, and “luckily no one (that we know of) was hurt,” but he still has been unable to track down the culprit.


Annette commented on Dave’s original post, suggesting that maybe one of the neighbors might have camera footage where the hit and run occurred, but Dave has not stated whether or not he has found any form of video to help catch the person responsible.

If you were Dave, you would be frustrated too, and if you have ever had to deal with the repercussions of a hit and run, then you know firsthand how it feels.

Share this post and help Dave find the person responsible for this “can-opener like” damage.

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