The world erupted after the non-indictments in the cases surrounding two unarmed black men slain at the hands of the law, Mike Brown, and Eric Garner. Since the verdicts were announced in both cases, millions of people across the country began to protest in various ways, even as extreme as laying the middle of busy highways 'playing dead'. When the protests began to take over the nation, Civil Rights Activist Rev. Al Sharpton, saw it fit to put together another 'March on Washington', a huge protest that is organized and non-violent.

A couple of my friends from DC have been out there marching and soaking up the wisdom from some of communities leaders like Michael Eric Dyson, Rev. Al Sharpton and relatives of various black victims of police brutality. Check out some of the videos and pictures of what's going on in Washington D.C.


My mentor, EZ Street from 93.9 WKYS in Washington, DC, was on site for the March and able to capture of it's early phases this morning. Here are a few of his post in collaboration with a few of my friends as well:


My earnest prayer is that the voices of the millions of people marching across the nation turn into some sort of reform of police training and laws surrounding police brutality.

Major cities like New York and Los Angeles have participated in the march of millions by holding non-violent marches in their cities as well.


(Photos courtesy of Huffington Post and Instagram)