Is it disrespectful to record a tribute at a funeral? Or am I just trippin' ? 

Ms. Etta has been known to be  Christina Aguilera's biggest inspiration. As she states in the video below, she includes "At Last" in EVERY one of her sets, performances, shows, etc.

She was honored to be performing as a tribute to the late Etta James and her emotion was most definitely genuine and respected.

Here's where my issue lies. It's one thing for an official camera to be filming as a way to create memories for the deceased being's family but to see half the "audience" to be having their phones and cameras out and recording Christina's tribute,  it burned a fuel inside me.

To me, it's the ultimate form of disrespect. As an attendee to pay your last respects to one of the GREATS in music's history, you should be sitting in silence with your hands in your lap. Instead, what was a peaceful tribute to Etta James became any old concert or show.

Am I trippin' ? Watch the video below....

To see another young lady vocally give her all to an Etta James cover, CLICK HERE!!

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