Last Christmas Kim Vaillancourt, a mother of five, woke to a "terrible migraine", according to her Go Fund Me page, which was set up by a family friend. This was just two days after Kim and husband Phil adopted three of their daughters.

Phil took his wife to the hospital where doctors discovered two brain tumors and diagnosed her with grade 4 Glioblastoma, WGRZ reports.

Kim underwent surgery and both of her two tumors were removed, according to her Go Fund Me page. However, the cancer that they can't see that's still concerning, according to WGRZ. Usually, her diagnosis would call for radiation and chemotherapy, but being pregnant means that these treatments will not start until after she delivers.

Kim is expecting a baby boy in May 2016.

The Vaillancourt family has a single income, according to their Go Fund Me page. They are hoping to raise $150,000 on their page and have already raised $117,000. Over 1,800 donations have been made and the page has over 4,000 shares.

As always, take a look at the Go Fund Me page to verify the validity of the cause as well as the story/content within the page.


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