People still have plenty of reservations when it comes to electric vehicles.  One of the big ones is, "Where will I charge it?"

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Electric vehicles are still very new technology.  Because a lot of people are so unfamiliar with them, they have a lot of questions about them and of course that gives them reservations about moving away from what they know.

Let's say you decide to take a road trip.  What do you do with them if you're away from your home for awhile?  Where can you go to charge them back up?  If you run low on battery, will you be stranded?

The city of Buffalo is hoping to alleviate that worry and bring more chargers here for people who choose to move to electric vehicles.

According to WGRZ, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is looking to add more chargers in the city with help of state and federal funding as part of his $26 million proposed capital budget presentation.  While there are already some here, he hopes to add more.

"Looking at a variety of different places like city parks. We already have some in some of the city parking ramps. We'll be looking at street locations. We will be looking at locations that will be on city facilities, so a variety of different areas."  - Mayor Byron Brown

As it stands right now, the chargers in the parking ramps cost around 10 cents per kilowatt hour.

There is a lot still to figure out with these new vehicles.  Like any piece of technology, it will take time to work out all the kinks.  When you think about things like computers and phones it's amazing how far they've come.  We now have endless amounts of information that we can carry with us wherever we go.  To store that kind of data on computers from the past would have taken warehouse-sized buildings.  But they've continued to work on it and make it better.

It's understandable that people would have questions and reservations until they work perfectly.  Hopefully they figure it out sooner than later.

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