There is a new bill that just passed in the New York Senate that would require that all new cars sold in New York be electric vehicles starting in 2035. Now, the bill heads to Governor Cuomo's desk for his signature according to WIVB-TV.

The bill, if signed, requires the Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation to establish regulations stating that 100% of new passenger vehicles sold are electric by 2035 and that medium- and heavy-duty vehicles sold are electric by 2045.

In addition, the bill also puts together guidelines for the infrastructure to support the millions of electric vehicles in New York.

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Personally, I have no problem with electric vehicles. I think they are the future of transportation in this country. However, if you are requiring all new cars to be electric in New York....I'll never buy a new vehicle again.

I've driven an electric vehicle and they have tons of power and they are really, really quick. I will always love the sound and vibration of a gasoline combustion engine. In 2040 when everyone is cruising around silently in their Teslas I'll be the loud and obnoxious guy cruising around in my gas-guzzling, 2006 Jeep Wrangler.

I wonder what happens to the car dealerships if this passes? I know car companies are shifting to more and more electric cars, but I bet they don't eliminate gasoline-powered vehicles completely.  Do they just now sell them in New York? What happens if I buy a brand new Jeep Wrangler with a Hemi V8 in it in Massachusetts and then try to register my new vehicle in New York? Will I be allowed?

What about the electrical grid? Do we have enough electrical infrastructure for the electrical load that will be needed if everyone has a charging station in their garage? Upgrading the electrical grid will cost New York, more taxes...awesome.

I think the future is electric, but to pass a law that all new vehicles sold in New York have to be electric in just 13 years is a little lofty, don't ya think?

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