I had to visit some family in Atlanta two weeks ago, and they lived downtown. I stayed at a hotel which was about 2 miles from the family meeting location so my cousin text me and said just "scoot" down. I was like huh? He was telling me to get on a scooter and ride down to the location it would be easier and quicker than using uber. He was correct and it was so much fun.

You have array of options inside the scooter game Bird, Ride and, Spin you can book a scooter for about a dollar and ride to your destination for around 20 cents a mile but  electric scooters are illegal right now in New York. According to WGRZ, In his 2020 budge t, Governor Cuomo has left it up to local governments to decide if they want to legalize this new way of getting around.


One of the biggest issues is locking them up cause there are not  like  bike racks for scooters and  complaints have been made that scooters are left scattered on the sidewalk  which is very true, cause they are scattered all over ATL. There is still uncertainty about scooters could be popping up in Buffalo, it is clear the governor is open to the idea and is willing to let local government make the call which should be heck yes.

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