With the deadline to register to vote behind us, now it's time to look forward to the 2021 General Election. Thanks to some 2019 changes in New York's election law, Early Voting is once again available throughout New York State.

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According to state election law, early voting is available 10 days before a scheduled election. The 2021 New York State General Election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 2, 2021 and early voting begins on Saturday, October 23rd and goes until Sunday, October 31, 2021. Ballots can be cast from 12-Noon until 9p Monday thru Friday, and 12-Noon until 6p on Saturday and Sunday.

Voters may vote at any locations regardless of where they reside and may also hand deliver their completed absentee ballots to elections inspectors at all early voting locations.
-Erie County Board of Elections

The general election is open to all people who are registered to vote. You do not need to be registered in a political party to vote in the general election. During the early voting period, you can vote at any voting site. Absentee ballots can also be dropped off at any site throughout the entire voting period.

There are 38 Early Voting Locations in Erie County and 2 Early Voting locations in Niagara County.

Of those 38 locations in Erie County, there are 11 locations in the City of Buffalo:

  • Erie County Board of Elections
    134 W Eagle St Buffalo NY 14202
  • Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site
    641 Delaware Ave Buffalo NY 14202
  • North Buffalo Community Development Center
    203 Sanders Rd Buffalo NY 14216
  • St Columba-Brigid, RC
    75 Hickory St Buffalo NY 14204
  • Lt. Col. Matt Urban Center
    1081 Broadway Buffalo NY 14212
  • Hennepin Center
    24 Ludington St Buffalo NY 14206
  • Delavan Grider Community Center
    877 E Delavan Ave Buffalo NY 14215
  • Salvation Army West Side Comm Center
    187 Grant St Buffalo NY 14213
  • Northwest Buffalo Community Center
    155 Lawn Ave Buffalo NY 14207
  • Tosh Collins Community Center
    35 Cazenovia St Buffalo NY 14220
  • Gloria J Parks Community Center
    3242 Main St Buffalo NY 14214

You can find more information about early voting at the New York State Board of Elections website.

Early Voting Locations in Buffalo for 2021 General Elections

There are 11 locations in the City of Buffalo where early votes can be cast for the New York State 2021 General Elections

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