Well here is a shocker, we all know Drake to keep a squeaky clean image. So it was surprising to find out he has an assault trial coming up.

According to Blast, a producer by the name of Detail (real name Noel Fisher) is suing Drake and his bodyguard Chubbs for an alleged assault that took place back in 2014!

Apparently Drake invited Detail to his #YOLO Mansion but when Detail showed up, Chubbs allegedly went upside Detail’s head and broke his jaw.

The reported injuries were so bad, Detail said he was hospitalized for days and had to undergo a few surgeries. He reportedly asked Drake to cover his medical bills but Drake wasn’t having it. Instead, Drake claims, if anything Chubbs was acting in self defense and wants the whole case thrown out! Being that the case is going to trial, Drake’s legal team is asking a judge to ban all social media evidence.

Drake's motion states: “Due to the plethora of news stories available, and after observing Detail’s inclination towards muddying the waters by introducing said news stories during the deposition of Chubbs, Drake is concerned Detail may try to introduce the same stories at trial.”



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