Woke up this morning to a Twitterverse gone wild about two artists we love to hate, CBreezy and Drizzy fighting over Ri Ri. The celebs were chillin in their receptive VIP sections, when Chris Brown sent a bottle of Champagne over to Drake's table. That's when all hell broke loose leaving one Star bloody, and the other hiding in the bathroom. Details & photos inside. 

There's a line in J. Cole's  "Nobody's Perfect" that I never understood.

"Now a [expletive] only text and get stressed over Rihannas I'm talkin' tens and better"

Out of ALL the women in the world, why all these rap cats stressing over Rihanna, who has literally been with EVERYONE!!!  Are her goodies really that good? Apparently so. Drake & Chris have had a war of words since Rihanna cheated with the YOLO rapper/singer. Drizzy says he'll "Take Care" of her, while C Breezy admits he still wants to "lick the icing off" Rhi Rhi's "Birthday Cake".

At a Manhattan hot spot last night, Chris Brown tried to bury the beef by sending Drake and his crew, which included Meek Mills, a bottle.

According the Media Take Out, Drake sent it back with a note along the lines of "I'm [expletive] the love of your life [Rihanna], deal with it."


This sent Chris into a rage and he immediately confronted Drake at his table. Drake, ready for a fight, immediately punched Chris in the mouth and before he could react, another member #TeamDrizzy cracked Breezy's jaw several times with a bottle. Witnesses are now coming forward saying multiple bottle were flying, resulting in broken glass and blood all over the VIP.


Meek Mill was quick to set the record straight tweeting "It wasn't me (Shaggy Voice)

Chris Brown also took to twitter to vent about the incident. These posts have since been deleted.

Chris Snapped this photo before going to the hospital to get his chin sewn up. Police say 5 innocent by standers were also taken to the hospital for treatment of cuts and bruises.

SMDH - Why Can't these brothas just sing, make million$ AND sleep with Rihanna without becoming a public embarrassment? There's obviously plenty of Ri Ri cake to go around!


****** UPDATE ***************

Chris Brown's bodyguard Big Pat took a few bottles to the head! Check out this pic taken in the hospital hours after the now infamous VIP brawl. He is bleeding from the head!!