I don't know about you, but I love living in Western New York. Besides all of the great things that we have in the 716, one of the best reasons to be here is our proximity to Canada.

Being so close to Southern Ontario means that we get to enjoy all the joys of Crystal Beach and Toronto, all while being in New York. From the Blue Jays and the Raptors to the mighty waters of Niagara Falls.

It's great to hop over to Canada and grab some poutine or some Swiss Chalet without much effort. Or, sometimes you have the urge for some chips that you can only get from Canada and it's great to be able to grab some really quick. It's quick unless you're a Virginia father and son who has the same cravings that we do from time to time.

Virginia Father And Son Drive Across The Country For Chips From Canada

You read that right and it's all detailed by CTV News in Canada, Rich and Jacob Lieberman hopped in their Jeep and took a 2-day road trip from the Old Dominion state to Niagara Falls.

This trip to the Cataract City was for their favorite brand of potato chips, Lays Ketchup flavor. As a huge chip fan myself, I can understand the need to drive to another country for chips as I have done it often for Ruffles All Dressed flavor chips.

It appears the Lieberman family are avid road trippers as their travels have taken them to all 50 states, along with most of Canada.

Since their trip, the No Frills store on Lundy's Lane in Niagara Falls sent the Lieberman family several more cases of chips, which the family in turn donated to a local elementary school so they could enjoy a great snack as well.

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