An Outkast reunion is as likely as the predicted rapture, but it’s good to have new records from both halves of the legendary Atlanta duo. That’s not the only commonality between the two songs; T.I. delivers surprisingly memorable verses on both songs: Trouble Man’s “Sorry” and Big Boi’s Ludacris-assisted “In The A.”

On the former, André 3000 theoretically recalls apologizing to Big Boi for taking an extensive break from the limelight.

This the type of sh*t that’ll make you call your rap partner and say “I’m sorry I’m awkward–my fault for f'n’ up the tour/I hated all the attention so I ran from it/F it if we did, but I hope we didn’t lose no fans from it.”

T.I. described the verse as André’s best non-Outkast verse. After a few listens, I concur with his assertion.