Tops Friendly Markets is going back to reinforcing the plastic bag ban soon, so you'll want to make sure you have your reusable bags or be prepared to pay for paper.

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Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Tops Friendly Markets had stopped the use of reusable bags, opting for plastic bags instead. Now, the grocery chain will be enforcing the plastic bag ban put in effect by New York State, according to WKBW. Starting July 6, customers will need to have reusable bags. Paper bags will be available, but will cost $.05 per bag. Tops stores will also have resuable bags available for purchase for $.99.

The plastic bag ban was put in place by the State to help the environment. It was supposed to take effect on March 1, but was delayed over concerns of COVID-19 spreading via surfaces.

"Beginning March first, retail stores will no longer provide single-use plastic bags. Instead, you'll need to bring your own bag. New York is banning plastic bags to stop pollution and protect our environment -- our water, land and wildlife. Our State is moving toward a better, more sustainable future -- so do your part, bring your own bag. New York's plastic bag ban starts March 1st." ~ New York Department of Environmental Conservation

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