All Family Dollar and Dollar Tree stores have decided to no longer require that masks be worn in their stores, instead, they will 'request' that customers wear them....but no requirement, according to  There was a requirement two weeks ago that all shoppers, vendors and employees were required, according to the WIVB News report, but now that policy has changed and the company is not saying why.

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Just the opposite of Family Dollar and Dollar Tree, Southeastern Grocers, the parent company of the Winn-Dixie grocery store chain, according to WIVB, used to be lax on wearing a mask but as of July 27, their stores will require that masks be worn.has also changed course, now saying it will require all customers to wear masks starting July 27.

Here's a list of stores that still 'REQUIRE' masks in their stores, according to the WIVB News report:

Here are 50 of your favorite retail chains that no longer exist.


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