Doja Cat suffered a wardrobe malfunction and exposed her breast while leaving her 27th birthday party.

On Friday (Oct. 21), Doja Cat celebrated her 27th birthday with a lavish masquerade-themed party that was inspired by the 1999 erotic film Eyes Wide Shut, according to reports. Doja attended the event semi-nude with only a black velvet cape covering her along with an elaborate mask/headdress with white, brown and black feathers.

However, it was after the star-studded event that got everyone buzzing. According to U.K.'s Daily Mail, after the party was over, the "Say So" rapper-singer gave paparazzi a brief show when she hopped into the backseat of her awaiting black SUV and while shifting her cape black, she fully exposed her right breast. Doja appeared unfazed by the clothing mishap as she was chauffeured away in the vehicle. You can see the censored nude photos at the bottom of this post.

Meanwhile, pictures taken at the lavish party revealed that Doja Cat was actually rocking her birthday suit—meaning, she was topless—throughout the event. We are not going to post them here, but if you look on social media, you will find plenty of photos featuring the Grammy award-winning artist half-naked and unashamed as she partied with her celebrity friends, which reportedly included Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Normani, Winnie Harlow and others.

Additionally, Doja thanked all of the attendees who came out to the event before blowing out the candles on what looks like a triple-decker chocolate birthday cake.

Doja Cat appeared to not mind all the hoopla over her nude photos from the party.

"IF ANYBODY GOT NUDES OF ME FROM LAST NIGHT PLEASE SEND CUZ I WANNA POST EM," she tweeted from her Twitter account on Saturday (Oct. 22). "Fuckin prudes," she added.

Doja Cat's birthday party left everyone's eyes wide open.

See Censored Photos of Doja Cat's Wardrobe Malfunction Below

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