Ok help me to understand why some rappers always rapping about what they don’t have? The cars they have in the videos….Rented…..houses…Rented…..Jewelry…borrowed. So it only makes sense that this happens.  Lil' Scrappy birth name Darryl Richardson, and his rapper girlfriend Diamond, Brittany Carpenteroare are in Foreclosure!  Lil Scrappy bought his 2,836 sq ft home in Conyers, GA in 2004 for only$182,800 back when he was still hot and singles was in heavy rotation on the radio, but just like anything the house devalued to $123,000 and there’s no “Lotta Money” coming from him or Diamond. Ms. Crime Mob, Diamond purchased her house for $219,000 in 2007 and now its on the market for only $124,000.  Why? Because rent is too D%$* High……well simply because the mortgage did not get paid. (Kanye Shrug)

Another one bites the dust, just one of many celebrities with no financial plan

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