As I slipped into my suit coat, I can still remember my wife asking if I wanted to put on a different watch.  I looked down at my wrist at my Apple Watch and realized her question was more of a suggestion.

Smart watches are cool, but no matter how you dress up the bands on these things, there is nothing “smart” about tiny computer on your wrist when you’re looking to step out for a fancy date night or a formal event.

While rummaging through a drawer to find a watch that would be more suitable for our first nice dinner out in what felt like forever, I realized that my “nice” watches were giving major pre-pandemmy vibes. I grabbed the best option that I could find; and while it was a far better look than the smart watch, I felt like my wrist was outfitted in the year 2013.

I wasn’t the only one who felt that way, as my wife definitely had jokes.

In my defense, it has been a few years since any of us have had to really dress up for “outside” activities and my wrist was definitely overdue for an upgrade. So, as I get to searching for watches, I stumble across the Icon Active Collection from Versace.

Almost immediately, I figured that, given the way my bank account was set up, I had no business in Medusa head territory. But I was surprised to see that this particular collection was actually available in Macy’s stores with even more styles and colors available at

Other than the cost being in what I like to call the “attainable luxury” price range, I was super impressed at the Swiss-made quality, the large face, and the fact that it was unisex—even though I shouldn’t even let my wife flex my new Versace flex given how much she laughed at my 2013 timepiece.

Even though the collectible limited edition colors gave me plenty of options, I was locked in on the black and gold at first sight. As a fan and the official VIP tailgate DJ of the New Orleans Saints, it was a no-brainer.

Cesare Gualdoni
Cesare Gualdoni

In just a few short weeks of wearing my new Versace watch, I’ve gotten tons of compliments and no one has questioned if I was a time traveler from the year 2013. A few people have even mentioned grabbing one for that special someone. For a few, I think that special someone was themselves.

And since we’re stepping out and showing out again, the Icon Active Collection from Versace does not miss—but don’t take my word for it. Seeing is believing, so pull up at your local Macy’s or tap in now at

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