Creativity tends to shine through on Halloween more than you might think. 

While it’s imperative to have a costume for any Halloween party you plan to attend this year, you may opt for an easy, throw-something-together, kind of outfit.

Which is fine…but there are some people that put a lot of thought into what they envision for their elaborate costume this year. 

One person used wit when it came down to deciding on a costume for the Buffalo Bills vs. Green Bay Packers game: a cheese grater. 

Get it? Because cheese heads?

By far, the cheese grater pulled away with the victory with the Best Costume on national television. 

But there’s one couple's costume that has been spotted more than a handful of times around Western New York this weekend. 

And it’s so Buffalo. 

“Last week, I said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if someone did a couples costume of the Big Blue Water Tower and an accident since those two naturally go together.”

Lo and behold, meet these two.”

It’s the Big Blue Water Tower and an accident reporter…because they always go hand and hand.

If that’s not original, I don’t know what is. 

The fact that the girl in the Big Blue Water Tower costume managed to get the “Amherst” on it is more than impressive. 

When asked how long it took her to make the costume, she said, “several hours.” 

All the weight of the costume sat on her shoulders, and it was worth it because she won a few Halloween costume contests this weekend. 

If you’re looking for a last-minute, Buffalo-themed Halloween costume, there’s a few crunch-time options you can try below. 

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