On Diggy’s album, Unexpected Arrival, one of the songs he spits, “I don’t rap for the cash in it/I do it ‘cause I’m passionate/It’s my destiny I have to spit/The real emcees I’m the last of it.” Alot of emcee’s may take offense to it or may not agree with him. This is what he told Hip Hop DX :

"I mean, I personally just think I am. Lyrically, my content, subject matter, just everything that I’m about makes me feel that I am. And it’s not coming from a cocky place or anything; it’s just the way that I feel about myself. And I feel like that’s how everybody should be: not look for approval from others to feel as though they can be or do whatever it is that they want to do. You have to have that belief in yourself before the rest of the world is gonna have it. So I feel as though I’m an emcee and I just wanna give Hip Hop something to be proud of.”

I like Diggy but its more to being a Emcee than he mentioned what he mentioned all sounds good but real emcee's it what Hip Hop is lacking. What do you think is Diggy the last of the real emcees ?

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