Diddy never stops entertaining us. Today, he debuts the "Diddy Jet Dance."

"When you're living THIS high, you can't be afraid of heights!! Learn how to FLY with me!! #DiddyJetDance," he tweeted along with a video.

The visual is pretty simple and shot with three panels, so it appears that there are triple times the amount of Diddy to view. The theatrics lie in his funny dance moves, which he more than likely thought up on a whim.

Dressed in a black suit and holding a speaker, he states, "This is what we call jet music," all while Problem's 'Like Whaaat' plays. He puts the device on the floor and begins spinning in circles and bouncing his shoulders to the beat.

The Bad Boy mogul then boards his jet and continues dancing. Cassie also happens to be inside, sitting in a chair looking at him as if everything is normal. She's probably used to his silly antics by now.