A middle school teacher in Depew got a special video from the Wu-Tang Clan member. That's pretty dope, seeing as though the Wu and Meth are legends in hip hop! Joe Cena is an English teacher with Depew Union Free School District. He is also a big Wu-Tang fan. He had been using the legendary hip hop group to teach his students, including how they raised their hands in class. They were able to use an online Wu-Tang name generator to create Wu-Tang names for themselves every time they finished reading a book. Instead of the traditional hand-raise, they put up a "w" to be called on. According to WIVB, one of his students, Aleigha Sharpe, took it upon herself to reach out to Method Man to find a way to show appreciation to Cena. Surprisingly enough, she was able to get him to record the special video for Cena. The class renamed their school DepeW Tang. In the video below, Meth says,

"Yo, I love what you're doing over there, you're keeping learning fun and you're including Wu-Tang...salute to you brother, hats off."

Yasmin Young Talks With Joe Cena About the Message from Method Man [Interview]

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Credit: WIVB

I love this! Hip hop gets a bad "rap," so seeing this teacher use it to encourage his students to read and be engaged is awesome. I also love the fact that Method Man took time out of his day to record a video for a teacher here in Western New York. This isn't a big city like Los Angeles or Miami, so it's extra special that he sent a message.

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