Dennis Rodman was caught on camera in a weird clothing heist! Get the full cup of Tea!

Credit: TMZ

Dennis Rodman and a couple of his associates allegedly were involved in a clothing heist at a popular yoga store, according to TMZ. Rodman went to in VIBES Hot Yoga with two women and a man. While Dennis was distracting the employees, one of the women started stuffing clothing into her purse, says the owner. Then, the man with Dennis grabbed a crystal, valued at $2,500, from the front desk and tried to put it on a dolly. He then drops the crystal. While the staff is distracted by the crystal breaking, the woman is grabbing more clothing items and stuffing them into her purse. The owner said they left and refused to pay for anything, including the shattered crystal! Employees said that the whole group smelled like liquor.

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