We have been expecting this for a while now, but it looks as though it is finally happening.  One of our favorite bars is finally going to go away forever.

Many of us have memories of the beach club at Mickey Rats and Captain Kids but after Tuesday (4/26), that's all that will be left.  While it's been something they have talked about for a while, Captain Kids is about to be demolished.

They made the announcement on Facebook today.  But along with the bad news, also came a little bit of good news...

Hello Mickey Rats fans! We miss all of you! We have both exciting and sad news. This Tuesday, April 26th is officially the day Captain Kidds comes down.So many memories of hot beach days, and cool nightclub nights, the all you could eat crab Tuesdays, and the countless personalities behind the bar.

But the exciting news is; We are opening Mickey Rats this May 27th! That's right!One last year in the old building, before the new one is built and we go on to create decades of new memories in an awesome new facility!
So, dig out your sunscreen, grab your volleyballs and get your drinking shoes on! The summer of 2022 is going to be epic!!
Let’s Do This! - announcement on Facebook (

The Beach Club at Mickey Rats)

Think of all the sunsets you watched from this patio, concerts you may have seen, and weekends where you just let everything go for a day in the summer.  It will be sad to see it go.

It's also being said that this will be the last summer at the old building that holds Mickey Rats.  I know, it feels like we've been saying that for years (because we have...) but this year it looks as though it's going to be true.  Opening night for the last summer at Mickey Rats is May 27th.

A few years ago, Ellicott Development Co. bought the property and finalized a new $30 million deal for a redevelopment plan.  It looks as though there will be a new club there after they demolish the old buildings and rebuild.

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