This is one of my biggest concerns since becoming a new parent. Not necessarily this exact scenario where someone leaves a child behind, but when my wife and I think about putting our newborn in daycare we often ask: "will whoever is at the daycare going to take care of my kid the way I would want?"

One daycare in Rochester is all over the news after they left a 4-year-old in the transport van. They left the little girl in there for NINE HOURS. In the middle of winter. It seems like the driver completely forgot and nobody realized until they went back in to reload.

The worst part? Yes, it gets even worse. The driver tried to give the little girl some money so that she would not tell anyone. Three dollars that is.

The ambulance came and they say that she is fine and will be okay, but what a scary situation. The family of the little girl says that they have found new daycare already and they do plan to sue Living Waters Daycare in Rochester.

Of course, no one is going to take care of your kid the way that YOU would. But it is a worry and talking to other parents I know it is their worry too.

We could not get a daycare anyway right now:

1.) There is an insane waiting list for most daycares right now (I think there is a staff shortage at most places and they cannot accommodate more kids).

2.) Holy smokes it is expensive. One of us, my wife or I might as well not go to work it wouldn't be worth the hardly any money coming in the door after you get the daycare bill.

How much is your daycare? How do you handle it?

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