Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas, is putting his neighborhood Chase bank on blast after an employee called the police on him for what he describes as “banking while black.”

Mayor Richard Thomas addressed the situation at a press conference where he spoke in great length about what happened to him.

“We’ve seen a situation happen where the police are called on people of color, particularly black people, for no apparent reason,” He also continued: “As a mayor and as a young, well-educated black man living during this turbulent time in society where police are being called on black people for going about everyday life, this is unacceptable.”

Check the Press Conference out

Mayor Thomas was at the bank along with his chief of staff and wanted to get access to bank records and deposit a six-figure city check. He was denied access to the bank records and was asked to sit in a conference room where he reportedly waited for 90 minutes. After his wait, police officers were called to the bank.

sheesshhh you think you would know who your own mayor of your city

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