DaBaby is shooting down a woman's claim that he actually hit her.

On Wednesday (March 11), Tyronesha Laws told TMZ that DaBaby slapped her despite not being the person who initially hit him in the left eye with a smartphone while he was making his way through a concert venue in Tampa, Fla., earlier this week. Laws said the alleged slap landed her in the hospital with a "contusion to my cheekbone."

However, DaBaby's attorney, Drew Findling, claims that Laws is not the actual slap victim, according to a TMZ report published on Wednesday.

DaBaby's lawyer contends that the enhanced video shows the Kirk rapper slapping a person who struck him with a phone with the flashlight on and not the person standing to the left or the right of the alleged victim. Laws claims she was standing next to the person who was holding the smartphone with the flashlight on.

Findling also added that his law firm has been contacted by multiple people claiming to be the victim, but they haven't been able to establish the real identity of the person. XXL has reached out to Drew Findling for comment.

DaBaby did issue a formal apology on his Instagram page, claiming he didn't see who was on the other side of the phone. "I do sincerely apologize, I do. I'm very sorry that that was a female on the other end of that flashlight, that phone. Keep in mind I couldn't see," he explained.

Hopefully, DaBaby can rectify this unfortunate situation.

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