According to ABC NEWS, CVS is making it mandatory for their employees to go to a doctor for a health screening or pay an extra $600 a year for the company's Health Insurance.

ABC NEWS reports that CVS says the new policy is designed to help employees take better care of themselves but many employees are saying it's an invasion of their privacy and they should not be penalized for refusing to report their health status.

ABC NEWS reports that the areas CVS is requiring employees have checked include their  Body Weight, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, and Cholesterol! CVS is saying they will not see the results of the tests.  CVS is saying a Third Party company will get the results of employee tests and that they (CVS) will not see the employee test results... BUT...if an employee's test results are not good, workers have to make them better or have fewer health options available to choose from.  If an employee refuses to get the Health Checkup and Report they have to pay and extra $600 a year for the company's Health Insurance!

Watch the video and offer your opinion!

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