Researchers in London have made a huge breakthrough with a man who is HIV positive. According to CNBC, the London patient is said to be in remission after receiving a bone-marrow transplant.

After a series of tests, researchers confirmed the man’s virus was undetectable even though he’s been off of antiretroviral therapy for 18 months. Apparently, researchers used the same technique on the London patient as they did years ago on a Berlin patient who also had their virus go into remission.

As of now, it’s too early to say the patient has been completely cured, but this new research has made scientist very optimistic that a cure could be on the horizon #Roommates.

About 36.9 million people worldwide are living with HIV according to CDC data. With this additional research, scientists have said that the study may stimulate more accessible therapies for those who don’t have access to the medications needed to keep HIV under control.

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