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Wow, what in the world is going on here? I guess following the "Twix" left right beef success, why not use a 20+ year beef between two of the nations biggest gangs to sell beer? Lol.

Thankfully Mirage Beer, a Seattle-based brewery, has cancelled the release of their Bloods and Crips themed beers. I just know they thought they were doing something with this one right here.

The company announced their release in a post on Instagram over the weekend with a photo of red and blue bandana cans. The titles of the beers are “Snitch Blood” and “Where You From."  I’m not going to lie, it's a dope idea. I laughed.

The owner of Mirage Beer company, Michael Dempster, put out an apology statement: Yahoo

“It breaks my heart that I’m the reason for anyone feeling less welcome in the craft beer community, and I’m sorry anyone had to waste any energy at all on me or my ignorant label ideas,” his apology read. “I hope to further demonstrate my remorse in a way folks find meaningful, emphasizes the importance of inclusivity in beer, or otherwise helps prevent anyone from making similar mistakes.”

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