The latest entry into the BIG DUMMY FILES Susan Cole, 57, of Denver was dismissed from jury duty in July 2011 after she "deliberately dressed in a crazy and uncoordinated fashion" to look like she had a mental disorder (PTSD). Which she claimed she suffered from military service, was the victim of domestic violence, and had been homeless.

Sounds like a great excuse to not server jury duty right ? It was Susan was immediately dismissed from her civic duty. She was so proud of the "achievement" she had to call up to the local radio station and brag to the whole city of Denver. Coincidentally, the judge that dismissed Susan was listening to the radio that day and issued a warrant for her arrest.

This is hilarious, instead of just keeping the fact that she had gotten over on the system to her self she had to run her mouth. Basically snitched on herself, we see this everyday on FaceBook and other social net works people telling on themselves. She is now facing felony charges, I don't feel sorry for her. When will they ever learn, lets welcome Ms Susan Cole to THE BIG DUMMY FILES.

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