Wow I do not know the guy but if you know the background of this situation you would be disappointed and disgusted with the court systems

Mr. Reed had been scheduled to die on Wednesday. Celebrities, politicians and the state’s parole board had all argued for a reprieve.

Rodney was suppose to be executed Wednesday, the Court of Criminal Appeals in Texas halted the execution and ordered the court where he was originally tried to consider new evidence in the case, including testimony from eyewitnesses who have come forward in recent months pointing toward the victim’s fiancé as another suspect.

Mr. Reed was convicted of the 1996 murder of Stacey Stites in Bastrop, Texas. Ms. Stites, 19, was strangled, and her body was dumped alongside a rural road. Prosecutors said she had also been raped, and Mr. Reed was arrested based mostly on DNA tests.

He maintained that he and Ms. Stites had been having an affair, which would explain how his DNA was recovered from her body.

Most recently, at least three people have come forward with new testimony regarding Ms. Stites’s fiancé, Jimmy Fennell. Mr. Fennell is a former police officer who was released from prison in 2018; he pleaded guilty in 2008 to kidnapping a woman he had encountered while on duty. The woman said he had also raped her.

Basically Fennell bragged about setting up Reed in jail because he found out his wife was cheating on him with someone of color. smh justice has been served

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