In a city where it seems like everybody is a rapper , its kind of hard to stand out from the rest but Conway has shown that he is part of that rare exception. A few weeks ago my man Melec hit me up and said he had something I needed to hear, and after listening to what he sent I have to admit he was right. Conway - Amerikan Greed release has the same feel as when Young Jeezy first came out its that real music that you can relate to and actually do a background check on the facts. Conway style is unique and hes very versatile from club bangers  to instant Street classics. No lie this mix-tape has stayed in my car Cd player for at least 2 weeks straight to the point im quoting lines lol.

In closing Conway has definitively proven that he is a force out here on the music scene. One thing I also have to include is that even though he is from Buffalo this release doesn't sound like your average local mix-tape it has mass appeal.  And like I always say don't just take my word down load the mix-tape for your self and witness Greatness.


(Explicit Content)

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