Buffalo has quite a few sayings that we have all grown to say a time or two.

One of my favorites is "if you don't like the weather right now, just wait 15 minutes." Another is that we have four seasons: fall, winter, spring and construction season.

Western New York roads take a pounding between November and March, which leads to potholes, major cracks and uneven pavement. The wear and tear our roads take is pretty astounding. Louisiana and Main Streets in Buffalo have notoriously been battered by the weather and snowplows.

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It's that time of the year the weather has gotten warm and will (for the most part) stay that way for the next several months. That means construction crews will be hard at work completing projects to repave or fix roads across Western New York.

If you live in the southtowns, there's a major project you have to be aware of. It just happens to be one of the busiest sections of Hamburg.

It was first reported this past weekend that crews would be working on Southwestern Blvd. and South Park in Hamburg.

I drive this way routinely; not only because my parents live in Hamburg, but I also am going to physical therapy for my knees in the offices just down the street from South Park and Southwestern.

It's a nightmare.

On Tuesday, traffic going north on Southwestern was down to one lane, all the way to the South Park intersection. As for the other direction, that was two lanes to the intersection, however, so many vehicles needed to turn left and and the turning lane was coned off.

This led to a near fender-bender I witnessed in front of me, as the left lane became the new turning lane onto South Park. You add in vehicles trying dangerously to cut into the right lane and you have an accident waiting to happen.

When I left, I headed northbound and it took multiple light sequences to get through the South Park intersection, as this was also during the 4 pm rush hour timeslot.

Traffic cones are also lined up on South Park coming from the Village of Hamburg and from Blasdell.

There have been signs this past week, warning motorists of "severe delays," and that is precisely what is happening.

Simply said, if you can avoid that area, it's best to do so. Construction work has to be completed, but because of the size of the work and the busy area, there's no easy way to avoid heavy congestion.

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