Dr. Conrad Murray has been found GUILTY of involuntary man slaughter in the case of Michael Jackson's death now a homocide. Michael Jackson died in June of 2009, of an overdose of surgical anesthetic propofol, aggravated by effects of the sedative lorazepam.

Dr. Conrad Murray was his doctor at the time and was prescribing him a candy store of dangerous drugs. Now the remaining question is what happens now ? Personally, the world lost Michael Jackson long before June of 2009, if Michael Jackson was alive right now people would still be calling him a weirdo, child molester etc. Michael Jackson's untimely death made him more of a legend. You now have people saying the Illumaniti killed him, he is still alive, and other random conspiracy theories.

Dr. Murray just happens to be a victim of people wanting to blame someone for the loss of an ICON. Dr. Murray faces a sentence that ranges from probation to a maximum of four years in prison. He also faces possible loss of his medical licenses in California, Nevada, Texas and Hawaii. R.I.P. Michael Jackson. What sentence do you think Dr. Conrad Murray should get ?