Do Black Lives REALLY Matter to Black Lives?  I'm posing the question because I see marches and rallies promoting the "Black Lives Matter" agenda, but the agenda seems flawed in my estimation and opinion.


I feel the 'Black Lives Matter' movement falls far short of representing what the phrase suggests!  The 'movement' seems to only be applicable to the police taking apparent innocent black lives, but don't black lives exist beyond law enforcement? What about the black life that doesn't interact with the police, does that black life matter to other black lives?

Do black lives matter to black lives within the music that delivers filthy language and messages to black young lives?  Do black lives matter to black lives who witness drug dealing activity daily in black neighborhoods?


Isn't there some accountability black lives have with respect to other black lives outside of defending DEAD black lives who have been taken by a handful of irresponsible police officers?

I rode through the City of Buffalo and this question dawned on me. I looked around and had to ask myself if the Black Lives Matter movement is relevant to the TRUTH? Does the 'movement' truly tap into the TRUTH regarding how much Black Lives REALLY Matter to Black Lives! It seems there's no Black Lives Matter accountability WITHIN, black people always want to focus on what others are doing to black lives without EVER examining what black lives do to black lives!


Do Black Lives REALLY Matter to Black Lives?