One of the best nightclubs in Buffalo will be permanently closing its doors this Saturday in Buffalo’s Theatre District, and they want to throw one last big party before it comes to an end.

After 27 years in their original location, Club Marcella will be closing up shop and moving to a new location in the Cobblestone District location, but the new location won’t open until May 2022.

But when one door closes and another one opens, you still have to celebrate somehow, right?

Club Marcella is hosting a final celebration for Western New York at the original location on Saturday, called the “One. Final. Night. Closing Party.” The doors will open at 9:30 p.m. and they won’t close until 4 a.m., but you have to be at least 18 years of age to get into Club Marcella.

You can expect to see performances by Keke Valasquez-Lord and the cast of “Life’s a Drag” at a special midnight show, but they are also throwing it back a little bit for Club Marcella historics to play a role in closing day. The night club booked the same local DJs from the club’s opening night back in 1995, so you will see appearances from Chris “Xotec” Moody and Charles Masters. There will also be other live and local DJs to help with the music for the big night.

The project for the new location is already underway, but it will be located at 106 Michigan Ave. An official opening date for the new Club Marcella has yet to be announced, but the owner plans to bring a “Miami style” nightclub to the Cobblestone District, according to WIVB Channel. 

When you walk into the new location for Club Marcella come May, don’t expect it to be the same, because this nightclub is said to become something so revolutionary that there has never been a place like it before in Western New York. 

You can find updates on the renovations here

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