Free at last, free at last! City Girl's JT will reportedly be free at last...this fall that is! Quality Control's CEO P claims JT could be released from prison as early as this October. She's current;y serving an almost two-year sentence for Felony identity theft and was slated to be released March 2020. This I'm sure will come just in time as the other half of the duo Yung Miami is expecting her first child soon.

Meek Mill
Romain Maurice, Getty Images

Meek Mill has been doing nothing but making power moves both in business and on the legal landscape since his release from prison. This week he announced yet another move that will surely help to hopefully solidify his name on that Forbes list one day.  The Philly rapper disclosed during an interview with Business Insider that he is now the Co-Owner of one of the most popular cap stores, Lids. He will head Lid's Creative Strategy and will begin dropping an exclusive limited-edition line as early as this August!

San Francisco v Gonzaga
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A lot of went down in the NBA world today! Major deals are being made with some of the NBA's most notable players. Kevin Durant may no longer be Golden State Warrior as he announced he will be most likely signing a 4 year $142-Million contract with the Brooklyn Nets! That's not it tho, Derrick Rose also announce to a 2 year deal with the Detroit Pistons worth $15-Million. Talk about cashin' out! This will lead to a very interesting upcoming season.

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