Chris Brown's concerts have been cancelled in Montreal & Toronto! Find out why and how to get your refund here.


A heavy police presence kept watch outside the Bell Centre on Tuesday night to control any riots that might break out after fans found out C Breedezy wasn't coming. People came from as far away as New York City to see the show.

Stéphane Malépart, a spokesman for Canada Border Services, said the Privacy Act prevents him from commenting on any individual case, but said several factors are used in determining admissibility, including involvement in criminal activity.

Chris Brown? Criminal Activity? Say it aint so!!!

In 2010, the United Kingdom denied Brown entry into the country, forcing him to miss four shows. The British government's Home Office said then that Brown had been refused a visa because of his past criminal record.

Welp, if you had tickets to either of these shows in Canada, you can get a refund at your point of purchase. If you still really want to see this tour, check out some of the upcoming tour dates rights here in America.

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