It was a rocky weekend for Chrianna, from the Twitter scandal to break-up rumors -- and now Chris Brown airs out some of Rihanna's dirty laundry in a new song "I Can't Win"! Listen for yourself inside. 


So besides having trouble deciding if he wants to wear MC Hammer Pants or Skinny Jeans today (shout out to the Skant Pant), Chris Brown is having some problems in his love life.


This is the vid he posted last night:

X- I Can't Win from David Alan on Vimeo.

It couldn’t be more obvious that he's talking about Rihanna. The lyrics definitely suggest Rihanna is the cause of their problems:

"Tell me what did I do/To make you hate me so much/Why you angry all the time?/Why don’t you wanna ride for me?/Girl, we used to make love.



When you called, I would follow/Now the only thing you love is a bottle/The only thing you got left is a shadow/Don’t let this sh*t come between us?"

And the drama continues!

Chris Brown/Rihanna have the Worst Weekend Ever!

Chris unfollowed RiRi on Twitter, one day after she started following Drake on Instagram. The same day Rihanna, posted pictures of her and this guy!


Not to mention, Chris’ dad Clinton Brown told the New York Daily News that he isn’t a fan of Chris’ relationship with Rihanna!

I wonder if Rihanna will come out with a little jingle of her own about C Breezy. She could call it "You're a Loser"!