Chris Brown has been arrested and charged with rape! Get the full cup of Tea here!

Chris Brown
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Chris Brown is no stranger to trouble, we all witnessed his horrific beating of Rihanna, 9 years ago, in 2009. He's been in trouble many times since then, and now he's back in trouble...BIG TROUBLE! He's been arrested by French police, after a 24-year-old woman accused him of rape, according to CNN. On Monday, police in France arrested him. He is being held on "aggravated rape and drug violations in Paris," a source told CNN.

The 24-year-old woman says she met Breezy at a club, then went back to his hotel, where the alleged rape happened, according to TMZ. The woman, who is being called Karima, said it happened on January 15th.

Chris has been released and posted a message, seemingly about the accusations, to his Instagram page.

***Warning Graphic Language***

My commentary (My opinion is that of my own, not WBLK): I have no clue if he is actually guilty or if the woman is trying to make a come up, but what I do know is that Chris needs help. This is a pattern. He's had a violent past, not only with accusations from women, but men too. It's hard to understand how someone so successful can continuously risk their freedom, their career and being away from their family, so recklessly, but he seems to do it over and over. I've been saying for years that he really has a problem, something deep-seeded, something he needs professional help with. He has a beautiful daughter, so I hop that this is not true. God forbid something like this happen to his daughter or another woman in his family. I hope he can seek help and get his demons under control!

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