Men, ChinahBlac wants you to keep your word. It's simple, really, but when it comes to relationships, sometimes it's easier said than done.

ChinahBlac, the 2015 GRAMMY Amplifier winner, tackles the issue in the Rick Mordecon-directed visual for "Keep Your Word," a soulful number featuring her brand of "aggressive soul."

As she prepares for her big night in the spotlight, the Newark, N.J. native finds herself arguing with bae because he's dipping out on supporting her. "It's a love story at the basis," Chinah tells The Boombox. "I'm having a conversation with my love interest, something he was supposed to do he didn't keep his word. I'm upset about it because he hasn't kept his word numerous of times."

The singer pens the stinging lyrics in her notebook while looking back on better times. "If you love me like you say you do, you'll keep your word / If you love me like you say you do, you'll put me first," she sings.

"I always said that aggressive soul is, imagine with me, Chaka Khan, Kanye [West], Sting, Hall & Oates. Now they all get together and have this love child. That would be me," Chinah shares. "It's a fusion of hip-hop, vintage R&B and with really huge cinematic-style arrangements like strings. I'm classically trained so there's some opera. It's all kinda balled up into one thing."

After singing backup for artists like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and Raheem DeVaughn, among others, ChinahBlac is taking center stage as a solo artist, as seen in her "Keep Your Word" video, which was shot at Bravo Studios and SOBs in New York City.

"Keep Your Word," which she produced, was originally written 10 years ago but the arrangement is fresh. "In writing this song, I pretty much got on my guitar and a little bit of piano," she reveals. 'Then I took that to the band and then we kinda created the piece."

Last year, Hyundai and The Recording Academy presented the third annual GRAMMY Amplifier, a platform for emerging talent to experience unique artist development and elevate their careers. Each winner receives one of three prizes -- a studio recording session with a GRAMMY-winning producer; the opportunity to film and star in their own music video with a noted director; or a major live performance experience with a noted musician or at a festival. Three-time GRAMMY winner Mark Ronson served as the 2015 GRAMMY Amplifier Ambassador alongside this year’s program curators -- GRAMMY winners the Band Perry and Ziggy Marley and singer/songwriter Allen Stone.

Watch ChinahBlac put her man in check above.

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