After the Buffalo Bills suffered the devastating overtime loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, fans in KC chose to take after the generosity often shown by the Bills Mafia. 

Over 6,000 members of Chiefs Kingdom collectively donated more than $80,000 to the John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital in Buffalo. Many of the donations came in $13 increments, which many people initially thought was a bit of a slap in the face to the remaining 13 seconds of the game that quickly got away from the Bills.

However, the Chiefs fans didn’t intend for that at all; instead, they wanted to show respect to our quarterback Josh Allen and members of the mafia fans. Originally the $13 were going towards Patrick Mahomes’ charity, but after perhaps the best NFL Playoff game in history, Chiefs fans felt that it was more appropriate for the donations to be made in honor of the Bills and the heart they showed Sunday Night at Arrowhead Stadium. 

Allen threw four touchdowns to wide receiver Gabriel Davis, making him the first person to score four touchdowns in a playoff game. Two of those touchdowns were within the last two minutes of regulation.  However, Josh Allen never got the chance to execute an offensive response in overtime because the Chiefs won the coin toss and scored the first touchdown on their initial possession.

Chiefs fans showed great sportsmanship and integrity with this movement they started on social media, and it means even more that they were able to help kids that are our neighbors and children here in Western New York.

The idea to redirect the donations to Buffalo was shared initially on Twitter under the handle @ChiefsMMZ.

The person who runs the account googled Allen’s nonprofit, which led him to stories about Bills fans donating more than a million dollars to Oishei Children’s Hospital last year in honor of Allen’s late grandmother.

Quickly, the $13 donations began going towards Josh Allen’s foundation, which supports the Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. So far, 

The effort from Chiefs fans to redirect their donations proves that while we may root for different teams and sometimes get too fired up on social media because of that, we are all just human beings trying to help one another in difficult situations. Respect.

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