Did you know you can check your Tax Refund Status ONLINE (button below)?  Yes, ONLINE!  Not only can you check your Refund Status ONLINE, you can also learn how to Receive Your NYS Tax Refund Up to Two Weeks Sooner.

Getting your Refund Tax Status and your actual Refund are the easy parts.  The harder, and most challenging and important part of the process is WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR REFUND once you get your hands on all that dough.  Well, cccording to an article online on the CBS MoneyWatch Website, submitted by GOBankingRates' Andrew DiPietro, the average Incomed Tax Refund in 2016 was $2,860.  That's no small amount of CASH.

Keeping in line with averages and what most people do with their small fortune, here's a list of tings most peopleplan on doing with their Tax Refunds, according a survey done by GOBankingRates:

  • Pay off debt (loans, credit cards, etc.)

  • Splurge on a purchase (TV, shoes, etc.)

  • Put the money toward a vacation

  • Put the money in savings

  • Make a major purchase (car, home, etc.)

  • I do not receive a tax refund

  • None of the above

These are in no particular order but I'd suggest staying clear of #2...SPLURGING.  The other options on the list seem far more responsible and investment minded...but that's just my opinion.

Well, good luck with whever you plan on doing and don't forget to Check Your Tax Refund Status...ONLINE.

There's a ton of other info online on the Official New York State Website. (Click the link below).





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