This is just ONE of the simple delicacies you'll jam on at this year's Erie County Fair.

Last year, the first ever New Food Showdown happened, crowning the Mineo & Sapio Chorizo Ciabatta as the first place winner.

This year, your options are outstanding. Let's take a look at some of the new food coming to the Erie County Fair this year.


  • Deep Fried Bolo Bites

    From Mark's Pizza and Subs:

    Fried, cubed bologna and onion, wrapped in dough and fried, served with Webber's mustard.

  • Street Fair Tacos

    From Chiavetta's.

    Smoked pork topped with coleslaw, Chiavetta's tomatoes, peppers and onion salsa.

  • The 1179 [Laura's Favorite]

    From Millenium Lodge Curly Q's.

    Shaved steak with cheese, bacon and caramel apple on a hoagie roll.

  • Buffalo Chicken Wing Grilled Cheese

    From The Big Cheese.

    Yancey Fancy "Hot Buffalo Wing Cheese" and deli chicken breast served on Texas Toast and optional bleu cheese dressing.

  • Feta Gyro

    From Authentic Greek Foods.

    A ground beef and lamb mixture with fresh herbs and spices, stuffed with authentic imported feta cheese.

  • Dessert Taco

    Taco filled with strawberries and cream, deep fried and rolled in cinnamon sugar.

  • Homemade Bananas Foster

    From Polar Bear Ice Cream.

    Homemade chocolate Belgian waffle, vanilla ice cream, infused with brown sugar, cinnamon and chunked bananas, topped with hot caramel and candied pralines.

  • "Can American" Donuts

    From Cincity Mini Donuts.

    Canadian maple syrup and American bacon, inside a mini donut.

  • Loaded Feta Fries

    From Venus.

    Diced tomatoes, onion, feta cheese, homemade dressing, and topped with Venus garlic sauce.

  • Blue Ribbon Chicken Peirogi

    From Babcia's Pierogi.

    Pierogi filled with roasted chicken, veggies, and mashed potatoes, dipped in fried chicken batter and served with gravy.