A man who was caught trying to cross into Buffalo with $20 million worth of weed, has had the charges against him dropped.

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The 26-year-old man, who was apprehended crossing the Peace Bridge, was allegedly trying to bring $20 million worth of weed into Western New York.  The man was driving a truck supposedly carrying storage crates, according to WGRZ. Instead, upon further inspection, investigators found 8,500 packages of marijuana, valued at $20 million.

The charges against Prabjot Nagra, a native of India, have been dropped, as of now.  This seizure is believed to be the largest in the Western District.  A few weeks earlier, another Indian national was caught trying to cross the Peace Bridge with $5 million worth of marijuana.

The United States Attorney handling the case, James P. Kennedy Jr., told the Investigative Post:

"The charges were dismissed without prejudice in order to allow the government additional time to conduct a full forensic examination of certain electronic evidence recovered during the seizure and to permit additional steps to be taken during this transnational investigation. It is expected that such further investigative efforts will she additional light not only on Mr. Nagra's  knowledge regarding the contents of the sealed trailer he was hauling but also on the source and destination of the tons of marijuana it contained.

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