Decked in his most futuristic gold suit of armor, Cee Lo Green took the stage with his group hip-hop group Goodie Mob on Monday’s ‘The Voice.’ Boy, would we love to get a sneak peek into that man’s closet. Sure, this is a show about those up-from-nothing contestants competing for the big win, but we can imagine they were happy enough to stand on the sidelines for this rare performance.

The other judges — Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine — could be seen bobbing their heads along from the crowd as the fourpiece performed their song ‘Fighting’ from the 1995 ‘Soul Food’ album.

Carson Daly certainly put it best following the big finish, calling the soulsters the “one and only” Goodie Mob. We were just bummed that the judges didn’t get a chance to rate the performance this time around. Random as it was, it’s always fun to see the big-name stars who normally have their butts in the red chairs do their thang on the stage.

Cee Lo was with Goodie Mob for nine years — from 1991 until his departure from the group in 2000 — and as we all know, he went on to become the biggest standout star of the four. Even without their big cat-loving Green, the Mob is still fully in action, as was proven tonight on ‘The Voice’ stage.

Watch Cee Lo Green + Goodie Mob Perform ‘Fighting to Win’ on ‘The Voice’

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