You see some celebrities snapping and sharing photos of their babies from the moment they are born. Other more protective moms, like Beyonce, believe that their children's image should be protected. In this age of instant sharing and online social networking, is it appropriate to post your child's photos for the world to see?

When I became a mother nearly four years ago, facebook wasn't available on my phone. Therefore, I wasn't inclined to snap and post from my hospital bed, as some young mothers today are, and do! I had a few days away from social media and "instagrams" to think about who I would share my baby girl's image with.

Of course, I emailed her photos to friends and family that were out of State and anxious to see if she favored me or my husband. (The jury is STILL out on this.) But I waited until she was 10 months old before I posted her infant pics online for strangers to admire. My friend Alica waited two years before posting a single photo of her baby girl. We figure as long as we post older images of our daughters, a stranger wouldn't be able to identify her if he saw her out in public.

Think about this, if one of your Facebook "friends" who is ill-intentioned has access to the names of your family members and close friends, as well as current photos of your child and his/her daily activities. It's possible this "friend" could show up at your child's school armed with personal information about you and the family and call your child by name to come home with him on Mommy's orders. You may be thinking, "my child knows not to go with strangers" but with this facebook "friend" status you have granted him, he may be able to convince your child he is not a stranger at all, but a real friend.

This may be one of the many reasons Beyonce is protecting Baby Blue Ivy's image. Yes we saw her hospital picture (which many doubt is really Blue), but pics that show what the toddler looks like NOW are yet to be released!

On the Flip Side, Mariah Carey has actually created a website to share her twins with the world.