You may be asking the same question I asked, within myself.  What is C-Tech?  Well, in a nutshell, C-Tech covers just about all things technologically based.  The C-Tech training that's going to take place, according to WGRZ, per Catholic Charities partnering with  Buffalo & Erie County Workforce Investment Board and C-Tech is of major importance and an unparalleled opportunity for any person to align themselves within an industry that is ever-growing.  Plus now, with the application of 5G technology, getting in on the ground floor of this industry will prove very worthwhile for any person who pursues a career in the field of technology.

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The C-Tech training which is being offered by Catholic Charities, in partnership with Buffalo & Erie County Workforce Investment Board and C-Tech is, according to a WGRZ News report:

 a four-week training aiming to get people ready for a long-term career in the tech industry.

Classes will be Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. each day at Catholic Charites' Workforce Education site on East Delavan Avenue in Buffalo, according to WGRZ. Social distancing and other health guidelines will be enforced during the 4-week program.  (Click on the link below for more details)

Here's what David L. Brady, vice president of C-Tech Training had to say about the program, according to WGRZ:

"C-Tech Training programs are addressing the current skilled labor gap in broadband technology-related fields.  Wireless Infrastructure is expanding to 5G, which means three million new American jobs. These jobs cannot be outsourced. Through our partnership with Catholic Charities and Workforce Buffalo, we are eager to place skilled workers into meaningful life-changing careers."

According to the WGRZ article, when participants are finished will be C-Tech Certified, which is a huge accomplishment and a status recognized across the technological field as being very significant and qualifiable for immediate work, Catholic Charities is committed to helping with job placement.

Spots are very minute for the C-Tech training program so call this number to register immediately if you're interested... (716) 819-9845. 


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