Ever since she rose to fame on Love & Hip Hop, Cardi. B has quickly become a fan favorite.  She makes incredible music and has the best personality.  She is 100% herself 100% of the time and that made her one of the biggest stars of 2017.  She earned a Grammy nomination and is going on tour with Bruno Mars.  It’s only right that one of the biggest brands decides to join forces with the rapper.

Cardi B
Mike Coppola, Getty Images

Fashion Nova has filed documents for “Cardi B” and “CB” to use the name on clothing like shirts, jumpsuits, footwear, undergarments and more. Its only right that they join forces, Cardi has been promoting the brand on her Instagram for quite some time now.  The sky is literally the limit for Cardi and it doesn’t look like she will be stopping anytime soon.  Her debut album is slated to come out later this year on Atlantic Records

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